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The presentation graphics and news titles used on ET3 in the past

ET3's presentation was quite sparse and used to lack any real coherence as a brand in the manner that its eldest sibling ET1 has.
What little branding it did have was in the form of this symbol - shown here on the caption that was shown before programmes began in the morning - or indeed, if there was a technical problem.

During the Summer of 2001, a new set of break bumpers replaced the single spinning triangles bumper shown below.
There was no real theme throughout the set, though the words 'Elliniki Tileorasi' and the figure three were prominent in them all.
 'Daytime boat' - It's not clear in this video clip, but there is a countdown from eight to three in the top left corner.
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 174k File
'Nightime boat'
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 256k File

Another of the new break bumpers was based upon signs and symbols - and is still being used (though in a modified form).
Real Video 8.5 File12s - 214k File
MPEG Layer 3 File7s - 30k File

ET3's trailers during 2001 begin with a blue parting effect, followed by the programme's caption, then a blue closing effect.

Trailers for forthcoming programmes on ET3 were introduced with this animation inviting us to 'Watch 3'.
Real Video 8 File10s - 231k File

Up until December 2000, this was the station's standard break bumper. There were two versions, the difference being the addition of the address of ET3's web site.

On a personal note, I have always particularly liked the effective use of the three beats in the accompanying jingle. They are very strong compared to the bizarre music used in the current bumper.

 Break bumper with web site address
Real Video 8 File7s - 170k File
MP3 File5s - 22k File
Previous version
Real Video File7s - 156k File


This style of break bumper was introduced Christmas 2000 with two festive variations. The standard version shown here - which also doubles as a station identification symbol - followed in early January 2001. It continued to be in use until the Summer of 2001.
Real Video 8 File7s - 165k File
MP3 File7s - 29k File

This was the style of ET3's trailer captions that was in use at the same time. The first is for 'Christmas in Rome' at 15:30 on Sunday and the second is for 'Samson and Delilah' at 10:00 also on Sunday.

The 1999-2001 titles of ET3's main evening news bulletin featuring Thessaloniki's White Tower.
Real Video 8 File19s - 285k File
MPEG Layer 3 File19s - 38k File

The news titles used until Autumn 1999 included famous landmarks from around the world.
Real Video File22s - 208k File
MPEG Layer 3 File20s - 41k File

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