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TEMPO's current and past presentation graphics

Winter Season 2001-2002

At just after 7pm on Monday October 15th 2001, TEMPO relaunched with a brand new schedule and a bright new symbol. This animation is the station's break bumper, and it echos the animated on-screen logo rotating in the top-left corner of the screen.
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The sequence of the animation that precedes programme and film trailers on TEMPO.
In the animation, the days of the week fall and rotate on the screen in concentric rings, followed by the appearance of the scheduled day or time of the trailed programme. In this case, the programme in on Sunday.

End captions for the trailers. The type of programme or film is written vertically in the box adjacent to the picture on the left.

TEMPO's standard caption to acknowledge the station's sponsors.

Prior to the Winter Season 2001-2002

TEMPO's break bumper used until October 15th 2001.
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Non-Greek films were trailed between these two 'Cine TEMPO' captions.

Whereas films in the 'Greek Cinema' strand had this style of end caption.

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