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ALPHA Television's past presentation from its start in 1999 until December 2000

ALPHA's original station ident from 1999. Both loud and brash it was, personally, one of my favourites. Both longer and shorter versions were also used.
Real Video 8 File9s - 239k File
MP3 File9s - 38k File

In a manner similar to that of ET1 in the past, ALPHA had trailer captions - coloured according to the day of the week or time of day - in its first year on-air.


At the start of the new winter season 2000-2001, a whole new style of trailer was introduced with a rather smart animation.
Unfortunately, this was somewhat shortlived and, not long after, the plain yellow stripe captions (as shown in the Current section) replaced it.


Towards the end of summer 2000, ALPHA ran a widespread advertising campaign for itself with the strap-line 'ALPHA - Television's First' (a play on the use of Greek numerals, 'alpha' representing 'one'.)

On screen, several promotions were run along a similar theme - namely letter tiles being used to spell out different programming genres (here, for serials), but always with the letter alpha missing - only to be inserted at the end. The punchline was 'Without ALPHA, there isn't television'.

Real Video 8 File16s - 265k File

For the few months of the new season before Christmas, all ALPHA's weekend programmes were introduced with this station ident. The vocal to the music is 'Simply irresistable'.
Real Video 8 File5s - 108k File
MP3 File4s - 20k File

This was the station ident that ALPHA used from 1st January 2001. There were several jingles to accompany the animation, three of them are available here.
Real Video 8 File11s - 144k FileMP3 File10s - 41k File
MP3 File10s - 44k FileMP3 File10s - 45k File

For a month or so from the beginning of May 2001, ALPHA used a Spring themed ident based upon the traditional May wreath of Spring flowers.
The end of the ident shows the new form of the ALPHA logo - namely in a revolving ring - first seen in this year's Easter idents.
Real Video 8.5 File15s - 303k File
MP3 File12s - 50k File

This was the caption card style for sponsors that ALPHA used on screen until Christmas 2000.
MP3 File13s - 53k File

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