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The presentation graphics that ALPHA used during the television year 2000-2001

At Easter 2001, a new generic station ident was unveiled showing off fully the new style of the ALPHA logo. There were several different jingles to accompany this ident. (Note, ALPHA has very little in the way of widescreen programming.)
Real Video 8.5 File11s - 283k FileMP3 File9s - 39k File
MP3 File10s - 42k FileMP3 File10s - 41k File

There was also a special station ident to introduce sports programming - with a somewhat unusual usage of the Olympic rings.
Real Video 8.5 File9s - 244k File
MP3 File7s - 29k File

ALPHA's break bumpers that were introduced at the start of the winter season 2000 were shortened versions of the following animations. These were originally used as the station's main identification symbols, so the break bumpers showed only one rotation of the ALPHA logo instead of three.
 Green Blue
Real Video 8 File7s - 122k FileReal Video 8 File 7s - 114k File
MP3 File6s - 27k FileMP3 File 6s - 25k File

This was the final look of ALPHA's break bumper during the 2000-2001 season.
Real Video 8.5 File5s - 76k File

At the same time, there was a rather smart green version of the station's main identity symbol.

In common with other stations, ALPHA introduced special idents that lead into feature films, and with them, created the 'CINEMALPHA' brand. The animations are a pastiche of the Twentieth Century Fox searchlights and there are several variants.

The first - in black-and-white with added scratches and blurring - was usually shown before old monochrome Greek films. (A similarly scratched and blurred colour version was played should the film itself be in colour). The second, played before imported feature films was in sharp, glorious colour. The jingles were interchangeable.

 Black-and-white Colour
Real Video 8 File14s - 149k FileReal Video 8 File15s - 155k File
MP3 File11s - 47k FileMP3 File12s - 52k File


ALPHA's short trailer captions. The unadorned original from the start of the winter 2000 season is shown top left. Soon after, images were added to the top right of the captions - the one top right was used for St. Valentine's Day, whilst the lower two were broadcast during Carnival 2001.

Animated 'Tonight' caption, and a static programme menu.
Real Video 8.5 File2s - 52k File
MP3 File1s - 8k File

For lengthier trailers, an alternative style end caption was used. Here, the clear image in the centre cut-out is the last frame of the trailer which itself is blurred to form the background.

ALPHA has tie-ins and sponsorship agreements with a wide variety of art, cinema and theatre productions and promotes them in segments introduced by either of these two animations.
 Gyroscope Sparks
Real Video 8 File7s - 173k FileReal Video 8 File9s - 225k File
MP3 File6s - 26k FileMP3 File9s - 37k File

The station's presentation and copyright captions for the season. The crystalline looking background rotated during the animations.

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