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Channel 4 (2015)
2015 Idents
1 comment
Owain Roberts - 12:15pm 15th Aug 2017

EVERYTHING changed with the return of the logo, but that was to come.

Sky One (2016)
2016 Idents
1 comment
Mark Allen - 6:20pm 13th Aug 2017

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting! Sky 1 style.

ITV4 (2017)
Special Idents
1 comment
Mark Allen - 5:26pm 12th Aug 2017

The ITV4 racing ident is quite bland, It's just the plain ITV4 logo on the ident.

Quest (2017)
2017 Idents
Ben Jenkins - 6:20am 8th Jul 2017

Why doesn't the logo do anything Quest?

Aaron - 10:23am 5th Aug 2017

The idents are the same as DMAX in Italy

ITV (2013)
Current Idents (1)
Dlljs - 10:21am 11th Apr 2013

Mmmm... Candy Floss!

Samuel Vine - 7:09pm 10th Jul 2014

I love the ITV idents. This is one of the best. I wish BBC One would update their idents though...

Alex Gould - 8:02pm 24th Aug 2014

I Love Candy Floss Yummy

Aaron - 7:43pm 12th Apr 2016

I wish too, But, The idents will look like the same as 2009's with the music, but maybe the circle transformation to the logo would be blue or green or whatever

Ben Jenkins - 7:03am 4th Aug 2017

Mmmmmmmm Yummy Mouthwatering Candy Floss

Sky One (2016)
2016 Idents
1 comment
Ben Jenkins - 12:47pm 3rd Aug 2017

I spray paint PS do the same for Sky 2

BBC TWO (2015)
2015 Idents
1 comment
Ben Jenkins - 12:39pm 3rd Aug 2017

This is all wrong

BBC TWO (2015)
2015 Idents
tully - 6:42pm 11th Jan 2015

No.No.No. - this is all wrong. The teal box just does not work with these idents - it really is a mis-match. Who at the BBC decided to do this, that's what I'd like to know! NI, on the other hand, have implemented something far better: the current logo, centred and without the box. Works just fine!

marioluigi33 - 10:49am 5th Aug 2015

Well actually the teal box is in the good sort of way for me! And also they showed the Silk ident on Network also. What will be the next? Maybe it's either Optics or maybe Paint.

Callum Precious - 3:32pm 8th Aug 2015

I prefer Optics, just like my examples of this one:

Tema.gubert - 11:23am 14th Aug 2015

Keep an eye for the 90s, i guess... <=)

marioluigi33 - 12:23pm 14th Aug 2015

maybe powder or blade or something like that?

Tema.gubert - 12:25pm 14th Aug 2015

both =/ @marioluigi33

marioluigi33 - 12:31pm 14th Aug 2015

recently in Northern Ireland there was the BBC films 25 years ident except the 25 years logo wasn't there and the 2 was glowing! It was seen before Alvarez Kelly. Also the Network one was Silk.

Tema.gubert - 2:17pm 14th Aug 2015

I don't know about BBC Two 90's idents, these are thousands of idents that put on-air. :)

Cavan Day - 3:36pm 20th Aug 2015

Mario, the ident you saw is called "Centenary" which was originally introduced to celebrate a century of film in 1995. However, the version you saw is brand-spanking-new - the NI pres department added some gaussian blur and slowed down the footage a bit to give it a dream-like effect.

Cavan Day - 3:37pm 20th Aug 2015

Tema.gubert - was the hyperbole intended?

Tema.gubert - 11:12am 26th Aug 2015

@Cavan Day| Yeah, the hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. =)

Cavan Day - 1:03pm 13th Sep 2015

Tema, I didn't ask for the definition of 'hyperbole'. ;)

marioluigi33 - 1:38pm 14th Sep 2015

That's cool

Ben Jenkins - 12:09pm 8th Jul 2017

I didn't ask for this I want the Window of the World ones back Plz.

Ben Jenkins - 12:10pm 8th Jul 2017

I said please

Ben Jenkins - 12:39pm 3rd Aug 2017

I have a new logo for BBC

Channel 4 (2010)
2004 Idents (3)
1 comment
Ben Jenkins - 8:45am 3rd Aug 2017

That's Better get these idents back C4

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Idents
Martin rivkin - 1:05pm 16th Jan 2017

the most boring bbc one ident ever....all bbc tv channels need rebranding badly and this chaep looking 2017 look isnt the way utter tripe

Warren - 11:00am 28th Jan 2017

Fully agree, no effort on even a little jingle or soundtrack. The identity crisis continues.

Rob - 9:27pm 28th Jan 2017

The trees is the only one I like and it's just a photo of some trees. No style, no wit, no imagination for these new idents. Remove them please BBC1.

Ben Jenkins - 8:43am 3rd Aug 2017

Couldn't BBC 1 add a big oneness logo with light bulbs in them like the on show?

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Idents
Aaron - 4:08pm 18th Jul 2017

What the actual heck, I was not expecting the boring idents with people doing generic express, I was expecting the Circle idents to stay, do new idents that have the Balloon idents with the circle transforming the logo from the trailers, and keeping away from drugs and laziness

Ben Jenkins - 8:41am 3rd Aug 2017

There good Aaron person who always replies to me.

CITV (2013)
Current Idents (1)
1 comment
Ben Jenkins - 8:40am 3rd Aug 2017

Put CBBC on the idents gallery Andrew

Channel 5 (2016)
Current Idents
1 comment
Ben Jenkins - 8:38am 3rd Aug 2017

Andrew Couldn't you put 5+24 on past because the on demand channel My 5 has replaced

BBC TWO (2017)
Special Presentation (13)
1 comment
Ben Jenkins - 8:35am 3rd Aug 2017

Told You So

BBC TWO (2017)
Special Presentation (13)
Emeraldman33 - 2:54pm 17th Mar 2017

I've always wanted to see the Neon ident a different colour.

Ben Jenkins - 8:35am 3rd Aug 2017

I like the Gay Britania BBC 2 Neon ident its like a rainbow