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Sky Living (2016)
2016 Idents
1 comment
Mark Allen - 7:55pm 14th Oct 2017

Grrrr! I hate that logo, There is no 2007 LIVING logo refreshed on that, Wish they kept the 2013 idents, too.

Sky One (2017)
2017 Presentation
1 comment
Owain Roberts - 8:11pm 13th Oct 2017

I honestly knew the rest of the sky channels except Sky Cinema and Sky Sports (because they already did it) would change its own logos.

LIVINGit (2009)
2009 Idents
1 comment
Aaron - 7:45am 10th Oct 2017

I bet this ident is gonna creep people out

Sky Living (2017)
2017 Idents
1 comment
Aaron - 6:54pm 9th Oct 2017


BBC ONE (2009)
Special Presentation (1)
Leticia Ramos de Mello Oliveira - 7:39pm 2nd Oct 2017

The song in both promotions of Ashes to Ashes is Chant No 1 (I don't need this pressure on) from Spandau Ballet.

Aaron - 4:12pm 3rd Oct 2017

Stop spoiling!

Leticia Ramos de Mello Oliveira - 10:30pm 7th Oct 2017

Sorry, Aaron! I didn't have the intention of give spoilers about Ashes to Ashes! I just like Spandau Ballet and I recognize the song when I saw the ident. By the way, it's one of my favorite songs of the group!

ITV2 (2015)
Current Idents
jennie - 2:33pm 16th Mar 2016

Someone tell me what this one means please

jennie - 2:53pm 16th Mar 2016

OK so we have...killing time, airbags, hot dogs, traffic jams, microwaves,rock and roll, flip-flops is the Red jellies Yellow wellies a tongue twister and can anyone tell me what the teacups,rockets, cactus, skittles and tennis balls are as they are driving me mad as l can't work them out?

H - 12:20am 11th Apr 2016

I got:Hammer Time, Flippers, Hot Dogs, Traffic Jam, Rock Fall, Tea Break, Jelly Boots, Microwave, Wind Bags, Bangers and Mash, Cock and Balls (shuttle cock with the tennis balls)...Don't know about the fans, cacti and butterfly, bowling pins escalator or toasters....will keep thinking!

Julie Hollings - 10:48pm 29th May 2016

I think the cactus ident could be 'melting pots'.

Rachel Thornley - 9:54am 1st Jun 2016

Sadly, I am besotted with these, so here are my ideas, let me know what you think;Hammer Time, Airbags, Hot Dogs, Traffic Jam, Micro Waves, Rock & Roll, Flip Flops, Tea Break, Bangers & Mash, Cock & Balls, Prickly Heat, Rolling Pins, Jelly Wellies, Fly Tie (?), Toasted Sandwich (?)

Izka - 1:31pm 5th Oct 2017

I thought hammer & clock is ' smashing time'

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Idents
1 comment
Aaron - 7:03pm 2nd Oct 2017

That is it, Get the 2009 idents or keep these and add the circle transition, and also end the identity crisis with these stupid idents, BBC! Sorry for being mad because I seriously despise these One-stupid-ness idents

BBC THREE (2016)
Current Idents
Ben Jenkins - 6:35am 6th Jul 2017

Waaaaaaaaa! Why BBC WHY? Why did you discard BBC 3!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I don't watch it anyways

Aaron - 7:01pm 2nd Oct 2017

Bye Bye BBC Three ;-(

Aaron - 6:59pm 2nd Oct 2017

I wish this sting was also a ident, Oh well, that sucks but who cares, The only bad idents are the Oneness idents

4Music (2008)
1 comment
John Tim Donald - 5:39pm 30th Sep 2017

Dobro jutro!!!

Five USA (2009)
2009 Idents
1 comment
Leticia Ramos de Mello Oliveira - 4:52pm 30th Sep 2017

In the 10th second of the ident, Eddie Cahill, from CSI:NY, appears. At the end, Paul Guilfoyle, from CSI, show up just like if his character is about to interrogate us. Just a perfect ident for the CSI Sundays on FiveUSA, despite here is used to introduce a documentary about Patrick Swayze.

Living (2009)
2009 Idents
Aaron - 6:03pm 27th Sep 2017

Andrew, can you upload the Crime Scene ident that has the LIVING logo without the N, but the N is on the floor as a x-Ray, and the room is dark but the logo has it's own flashlight, Also, can you upload the alternative version of the Most Haunted ident

Andrew Wood - 10:38pm 27th Sep 2017

Sorry, but these are all the idents I have from the period.

Aaron - 6:53am 28th Sep 2017


Channel 5 (2009)
Special Idents 2010
Leticia Ramos de Mello Oliveira - 1:53pm 26th Sep 2017

The ident is not from Law and Order, but from CSI:Miami. The set is the autopsy room of the show and the actress who show the logo of Five, whose name I forgot, is the forensic doctor who replaced Alexx Woods on season 7. She left the show before the end of that season.

Andrew Wood - 8:40pm 26th Sep 2017

Thank you for the correction!

BBC TWO (2013)
Special Presentation (7)
1 comment
Leticia Ramos de Mello Oliveira - 10:07pm 24th Sep 2017

I do think the melody used on this ident is a sample of Dead or Alive's "You spin me round (Like a record)" or inspired by it. More exactly, it's the instrumental part between the refrain and the second part of the song. I head it on Spotify today and it a perfect match!

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Special Presentation
Owain Roberts - 1:09pm 15th Sep 2017

Hooray, they finally brought back the circle idents. Well, kind of.

Martin rivkin - 12:38pm 18th Sep 2017

if only bbc one had just added new set of circle idents like this and avoided all the bad oneness idents this year... sooooo many options for circles different from 1st set please stop the bad oneness idents and stick to the above idea it looks so much better