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BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Idents
Nick Matthews - 1:53pm 15th Mar 2017


Mosey - 10:15pm 19th Mar 2017

The lady with the long hair, 2nd left, looks just like the girl who played Sophie in the Detectorists.

BBC TWO (2014)
Special Presentation (7)
MLC - 11:50pm 31st Mar 2014

Is this a rec or orig? I don't know...

tully - 8:38am 1st Apr 2014

Original. The only difference, compared to when it was first used (during the time of BBC2's 40th anniversary), was that the box logo flipped, after a few seconds, to display "40 YEARS" on its other 'side'.

MLC - 12:09am 2nd Apr 2014

Darn it... I thought these were supposed to FOLLOW the orig... ah well...

Cavan - 4:36pm 3rd Apr 2014

Well, in the NI farewell montage in 2007 to say goodbye to the 2001-2007 idents, they used the 40 Years ident without the 40 Years flip to introduce it.

tully - 9:12pm 3rd Apr 2014

I'm not sure whether the above comment is in response to mine (apologies if not), but let me stress that I did say "when it was FIRST used".

MLC - 10:42pm 9th Apr 2014

Huh. Well, for an American British ident-lover like me, ya learn somefin' new every day!

tully - 9:40pm 10th Apr 2014

I really didn't like the 2001-2007 era. I think, more than anything else, it was because of the almost constant use of the yellow background. To be fair, though, any new set, after the wonderful 1991-2001 era, was going to be a tough act to follow!

MLC - 3:00am 18th Jun 2014

I just had an idea. Why didn't they use this ident for the 50th anni but with the current logo, and it flips into the 50 Years legend?

Emeraldman33 - 3:07pm 17th Mar 2017

ahhhh, those yellow idents were so good.

BBC TWO (2017)
Special Presentation (13)
Anon - 11:59am 17th Mar 2017


Emeraldman33 - 2:51pm 17th Mar 2017

if you look at it another way, the water looks like slime or goo or whatever green substance you see it like.

Emeraldman33 - 2:55pm 17th Mar 2017

but, why no announcement?

BBC TWO (2017)
Special Presentation (13)
1 comment
Emeraldman33 - 2:54pm 17th Mar 2017

I've always wanted to see the Neon ident a different colour.

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Miscellaneous Presentation
1 comment
Martin rivkin - 1:32pm 14th Mar 2017

very much like a bad cheap version of the old dance idents that lanched after the bbc sadly deflated the baloon idents .. the oneness idents really are the worse bbc 1 idents ever even the old globe spinning would look better!

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Miscellaneous Presentation
1 comment
Martin rivkin - 1:43pm 11th Mar 2017

oh dear! more cheap looking idents with bad logo! at least the old bbc2 idents havent been messed up...yet!!!! all bbc channels need a none in house revamp on big scale .. for a channel that gets most viewers weekly it has the worse idents!

ITV2 (2015)
Current Idents
Tema.gubert - 1:21pm 14th Aug 2015

It is cool play... =)

marioluigi33 - 12:29pm 29th Aug 2015

I wonder if I will see different idents every time I watch ITV 2!

helen - 11:07am 10th Oct 2015

MY partner and I think the indents are amazing but trying to work out what the say e.g hot dog, hammer/smashing time, traffic jam, micro wave but we don't get the tea and biscuits or the flippers can anyone enlighten us.

Karen - 5:43pm 19th Oct 2015

The flippers puzzle me too.. But we think the rock is rock and roll because of the way the rock is rolling down. Some are easier to guess like hot dog, traffic jam, microwaves but the rest no idea!I really like them all and i want eat the jellies!!

CU51CUZ - 2:29pm 30th Dec 2015

I too have wondered if they carry any hidden meanings, I'm in agreement with all the ones you've all already got, try these? Tea and biscuits is just that tea end bickies! The flippers are flopping around, flip flops? The toaster ident has food in between the slices of bread, toasted sandwiches ?

CU51CUZ - 2:54pm 30th Dec 2015

The fans with men's ties has got me baffled, sorry, but I've Googled the hell out of it, only some vague Facebook (fan tie ) thing emerged, the lack of relevant info from ITV suggests there is nothing deeper to them!

Andrew Wood - 6:08pm 30th Dec 2015


Elmo - 9:45am 3rd Jan 2016

hi what does the microwave ident mean does any one no thanks.

marioluigi33 - 1:42pm 10th Mar 2017

the dogs are cute :D

Emeraldguy3 - 1:43pm 10th Mar 2017

I also changed my name from marioluigi33

BBC TWO (2017)
2015 Idents
1 comment
marioluigi33 - 1:39pm 10th Mar 2017

Yup. Predicted it.

ITV1 (2006)
2004 Idents
JACK SMITH - 9:15am 17th Mar 2013

These two idents were shown before handing over to GMTV.

amy towler - 6:04pm 24th Oct 2016

ha! the ident gallery got it!

Kezcol - 7:56pm 21st Feb 2017

They did not say anything before rebrand

5* (2011)
2011 Idents
1 comment
kezcol - 7:32pm 21st Feb 2017

Hey Five star can you bring back fiver

ITV4 (2017)
Current Idents
Alexander Edoh - 5:57pm 27th Jan 2017

The ITV4 racing ident is bland, It's just the plain ITV4 logo on the ident.

Owain Roberts - 12:59pm 2nd Feb 2017

You're watching ITV4. Any more horse related idents with the ITV4 logo in it?

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Idents
Martin rivkin - 1:05pm 16th Jan 2017

the most boring bbc one ident ever....all bbc tv channels need rebranding badly and this chaep looking 2017 look isnt the way utter tripe

Warren - 11:00am 28th Jan 2017

Fully agree, no effort on even a little jingle or soundtrack. The identity crisis continues.

Rob - 9:27pm 28th Jan 2017

The trees is the only one I like and it's just a photo of some trees. No style, no wit, no imagination for these new idents. Remove them please BBC1.

ITV4 (2017)
Current Idents
1 comment
Martin rivkin - 1:00pm 7th Jan 2017

using the same ident as main itv channel even same music dissapointing why not more unique itv 4 only ident addition, the ident looks better with colour picking logo on main itv than this

BBC ONE (2017)
2017 Miscellaneous Presentation
Martin rivkin - 1:50pm 5th Jan 2017

worse bbc one ident ever... looking cheap nasty and no backing soundtrack wither ...the circles presentation is over ten years old but compared to this mess looks amazing...bring back the world glob baloon keep it simple

Martin rivkin - 1:51pm 5th Jan 2017

worse bbc one ident ever... looking cheap nasty and no backing soundtrack either ...the circles presentation is over ten years old but compared to this mess looks amazing...bring back the world gloeb baloon keep it simple

ITV (2013)
Current Idents (1)
Tom - 2:21pm 22nd Jan 2013

Filmed in Loch Lomond in the middle of November by a hardy bunch ...... man it was chilly

pauline squire - 12:41am 24th Jan 2013

can us swimmers have a copy of the stills to remind us of our amazing day!!! please!!!

Warren - 10:12pm 3rd Jan 2017

Inspiration for a new BBC1 ident in 2017 perhaps?